Turbo Dry 3

Turbo Dry 3

Vacuum Drier

TURBO DRY 3 is a vacuum glue dryer, which carries out, for shoes, boots and relative soles, the functions of fast drying and fast reactivation of glue,both solvent and water based. The system consists of 6 rotary stations with separated vacuum treatment chambers and with different temperatures (soles-shoes). Each container can hold 2 pairs of shoes or boots and 2 of soles which are processed in only one vacuum unit.
In case of water based glue, it is available an additional pre-chamber for pre-ventilation. It is also available a system for heat keeping, that works outside the vacuum chamber, allowing to keep the perfect temperature of the glue, during the attachment of the sole to the shoe.

         Anzani's Surplus:

  • Very fast drying
  • Great time saving
  • Large space saving
  • More efficient production
  • Great results in the bonding tests
  • Excellent quality of the final result
  • Vacuum system
  • Gas suction system
  • Separate setting (shoe-sole)
  • Suitable for both solvent and water based glues
  • Suitable for any type of footwear
  • Made in Italy


Technical features
    Turbo Dry 3
Output in 8 hours Prs 1200
Rated Power Kw 17
Average Power Kw 9
Air Consumption NL 6
Dimensions mm 1650x1250x1750
Pre-chamber dimensions mm 1200x800x1680
Net weight Kg 820 (200 pre-chamber)


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