Logimove Semi-automatic

Logimove Semi-automatic

Computerized Belt Conveyor System

LOGIMOVE Semi-automatic is a belt conveyor with computerized system, that provides for the semi-automatic distribution of containers with semi-finished goods by means of a continuous cycle (workstation - storage area and viceversa) following the sequence of work of each article inside the container. The materials movement is carried out by a software, that sends the containers to the correct workstation. At the end of the operation, the operator places the container on the returning belt conveyor, if another operator has to make a new processing on the semi-finished good, the container is sent automatically to that workstation, if not it is sent to the warehouse. The input of the container on the belt conveyor and the storage are manual, unlike the container movement from a workstation to the next one, that is automatic. Logimove Semi-automatic is used in shoe factories, apparel factories, leather goods factories and sofa factories. Moreover, the software allows to have reports about the production time and compare it with a standard time, in order to know the productivity of each operator, model, box or order.

          Anzani's Surplus:

  • Great time saving
  • Semi-automatic system
  • Production monitoring
  • More efficient production
  • Maximum production flexibility
  • Suitable for any type of footwear
  • Perfect for little orders of many different models
  • Software for production management
  • Control of processing times
  • Zeroing of downtime
  • Made in Italy


  Lt Ext. Dim. (mm) Int. Dim. (mm) Base Dim. (mm)
Boxes Capacity and Dimensions 40 550x380x250 515x340x247 500x330
50 600x400x300 560x370x297 530x340
70 600x400x400 560x370x397 530x340


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