Production managing software

LOGIMODULE is a software for monitoring, managing and improving the production, especially suitable for little production with many types of processes, sample rooms and more generally to working modules. Our system allows to record the production times for each operator, each container, each process and each model, through the reading of bar-codes, at the beginning and at the end of the operations. The bar-code reading is carried out thanks to laser guns, which can be used by different operators, so it is not required to use one gun for each operator. Thanks to the recordings, you can get full reports about the production times and the quantities produced, divided in working type, operator and model, the reports are available for any period required. The recorded times can be compared to standard times, in order to verify where is it possible to have a productivity improvement. The software, if used for managing the sample production, is helpful for setting standard times, which will be used in the production phase. Logimodule provides the same information you can get from  Lator Controller or Lator Computer systems, but without the need to use a belt conveyor. Moreover the Logimodule's database is compatible with Lator Controller's and Lator Computer's databases.

   Anzani's Surplus:

  • Continuous monitoring of the production
  • More efficient production
  • Maximum flexibility of use
  • Maximum easiness of use
  • Full reports
  • Lator System Software
  • Suitable for any type of product
  • No conveyor required
  • Control of processing times
  • Zeroing of downtime
  • Made in Italy


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