Semi-Automatic Chain Conveyor

CYCLOMOVE is a chain conveyor, which provides  the distribution of boxes, containing all the components to produce t-shirts, underwear, tricotage, denim, knitwear or Cyclomove is also useful for the preparation during production of clothesjackets and other garment products. One worker, the one who will manage the system, can load and unload the boxes from the conveyor, and also add all the datas required through a pc for the system managing. After the box loading, the system reads the box and puts it in front of the worker, who has to make the first operation; then a signalling light will turn on, in order to inform the worker to unload the box and start the operation. Once the first operation is finished, the box is sent to another workstation for the next operation and so on, until all the operations are completed and the box will be unloaded from the system.

          Anzani's Surplus:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Great time saving
  • Workstations saturation
  • Control of the production time
  • Never have to change the position of the stitching machines
  • +15% productivity increase
  • Many models at the same time in production
  • Zeroing of downtime
  • Made in Italy

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