Heat Treatment Machines

The uppers, especially if leather made, require heat treatments that allow to iron and stabilize it on the last. Mainly there are two types of treatments, one hot and one cold, which are made by machines with different types of technology. After lasting the upper on the last, you need to make a heating cycle, which allows the leather to stretch and overlap better to the last, avoiding the presence of wrinkles. At the end of the shoe assembly, after the press, it is necessary to perform a cold treatment with the appropriate chiller, in such a way as to allow the stabilization of the upper and the crystallization of the glue.

Below there is a summary table about the characteristics of all our heat treatment machines.

Features ECOJET VTJ 1000 VTJ 2000 VTJ 3000 TURBO FROST AMD 701
Hot ironing and stabilization
Cold ironing and stabilization
Moccasin drying v
NIR lamps system
Vacuum system
Heaters system
Power saving
Up to 1200 pairs
Over 1200 pairs
(double chamber)
Steam use


Heat Setters

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