Vulcomatic Robot

Vulcomatic Robot

Robotic Conveyor for Vulcanized Shoes

VULCOMATIC Robot is a timed conveyor for all operations necessary for the production of vulcanized shoes, fromassembly to finishing. This system combines the Vulcomatic and ATS technology, making it the most advanced systemon the market for the production of vulcanized shoes. Vulcomatic Robot is composed of two levels, in the upper floor the assembly and finishing phases are carried out, some operations such as pounding, roughing and cementing are carried out by the robots, others manually. Once these phases are over, an operator will put the shoes from the upper level trolleys to the lower level trolleys. Automatic vulcanization and cooling are performed on this floor. The trolleys enter and exit directly into an autoclave positioned on line, without the intervention of any operator. This conveyor, moreover, allows all the heat treatments to be carried out automatically: humidification and ironing of the upper, drying/reactivation of the glue and cold ironing.

Anzani's Surplus:

  •  Maximum production organization
  •  Great time saving
  •  Large space saving
  •  Great energetic saving
  •  Full production on one conveyor
  •  Low working process
  •  Automatic heat treatments
  •  Automatic vulcanization
  •  Lasts saving (470 pairs of lasts for producing 1500 pairs of shoes in 8h)
  •  Improvement of the quality of the final product
  •  Made in Italy


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