Automatic Chain Conveyor System for Lasting and Finishing

TURBOMATIC is a chain conveyor with automatic and timed stops, that provides the moving of semi-finished goods in the footwear assembly department. Its peculiarity is the chance to ad online these machines:

  1. TURBO STEAM MATIC  Upper conditioner and reactivator (tip and seat)
  2. TURBO JET MATIC        Heat setter with high speed forced ventilation and humidification
  3. ANIDROS NIR                 Drier and reactivator of all kinds of cement
  4. TURBO FROST MATIC  Chiller with high speed forced ventilation and humidity kept at 18% uniform


          Anzani's Surplus:

  • Great time saving
  • Large space saving
  • More efficient production
  • Reduced working process
  • Suitable for any kind of footwear
  • Chance to add heat treatments online
  • Made in Italy


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